Johnson Auctioneering is devoted to fundraising for charitable organizations. We have created a professional auction company that promotes this concept.

Our focus is on the enjoyment in raising funds by auction. Those attending the event will leave the benefit auction happy to have participated and looking forward to next year’s event.

We approach each event with energy and enthusiasm, which in turn generates within our clients and their guests.



Rod, thank you!  As always, you and your crew delivered.  Having your guys in the audience makes an extra impact.  I know we wouldn’t have gotten over $15,000 for the Thanksgiving/Favre package without them generating the excitement they did.  We would love to have you back again.

Please know that I respect the work you do and would highly recommend you to anyone.  You and your team are second to none!  Have a great day.

Brent – Green Bay, WI

WOW! Thank you for an incredible event last night! You continue to do amazing things for us and we are BLOWN away by the “Give to Live” numbers. We had an increase of $26,000 from last year with our $86,000 raised this year. Overall, the event raised over $312,000!!!

Thank you for continuing to support the kids and being so professional and generous to us. We really appreciate all you and your team do!

Looking forward to seeing you again soon! Enjoy the weekend!

Katie – Minneapolis, MN

Just wanted to tell you that EVERYONE, has said, without question, that you were the best auctioneer we had.  I agree.  I thought you were great – it was a good thing to add at the end, that you can donate any amount at checkout.

Thanks again, and I look forward to working with you again.

Katie  – Chicago, IL

Hi Rod – You are a HIT which is a tall order around these parts. I understand that the numbers are strong and everyone is pleased. Thank YOU for fitting us in. Would you mind penciling us in for next year’s ball on April 29?

GREAT to see you again.

Robin – Avon, Connecticut

We love Rod Johnson and Johnson Auctioneering. They have become a part of our Boys & Girls Club family. He is much more than an auctioneer; he helps to increase the funds we raise annually through ideas, professionalism and creativity. We trust him and his team.

Jodi – Rochester, MN

Thanks, Rod, and thank you Joe for your huge role in the success of the evening!  You did a great job and really helped to push the bids as high as possible.  We all were impressed!  The six items (well, seven since one item sold twice) raised $87,250!  

And we were blown away at how well your spotters managed that large room.  I don’t mean to say we ever doubted you, but that was a huge room filled almost to capacity with bids from every corner.  They really did a wonderful job of catching the bids.

Everyone I talked to thought you were a great addition to our event, and we look forward to working with you both for our next gala in two years!


Annie – Madison, WI

Thank you so much for everything you all did it was AMAZING!!!!!! I am continually amazed at how great you do at this event, and have heard only the best! I hope you will consider being a part of our big 10 year celebration again, we’ll be honored to have you!

Amanda – Minneapolis, MN

Thank you SO much for everything you did for the Girls Weekend auction!! We hoped to just get the value of the items and we went over! We were hoping to break even on this event in total, knowing the economy and our #’s, but we came out making lots of money in the end! I want to thank you both for a GREAT job. It was awesome to have such an enthusiastic crowd- those ladies were having fun! But honestly, the two of you have such a nice presence and were so talented with your humor and expertise- that certainly played into things. For the record I was at a fundraiser Saturday night and the auctioneer was not nearly as good! I will definitely be in touch with you for future gigs.

Emily – St. Paul, MN

Rod, I think the event was amazing!  Thank you for your expertise and your willingness to help us!  We were very pleased with Cory as well!  The event played out beyond my expectations and the funds raised also exceeded our goal.  Almost doubled!  Yay! Thanks a million for all of your help and consultation.  

With much gratitude,

Stacie – Cannon Falls, MN

Thank YOU so much for being part of our evening on Saturday! It went better than we ever could have hoped. You and your team are truly fantastic at what you do, it just raises the quality of the event so much higher by having professionals like you who know how to read and work the crowd! It was truly a pleasure to meet you, and work with you. You and your team did a WONDERFUL job helping us raise money that night! You helped bring in over $21,000 in the live appeal—I’m so glad you suggested reaching for that extra $5,000 and raising our goal! We raised $12,000 during the live appeal last year, so what a great increase. We also raised $32,000 during the live auction, which was phenomenal!! The whole evening was just a joy and I’m glad you were a part of it. Thanks so much, and please pass along our thanks to your team as well. We couldn’t be happier.


Cara – Green Bay