As I’m sure you’ve noticed, we’ve completely revamped our web site and I think it looks great! Thank you so much to Kelly Jo Johnson for her outstanding work on putting this site together. It had been a few years, so this change was definitely needed.

Coming off this busy spring auction season, I want to thank our wonderful clients. It is truly a joy to work with such great people and help raise money for such worthy causes. It’s been quite a year so far with record breaking auctions in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Connecticut.

steering wheel
This steering wheel, autographed by NASCAR driver Michael Annett brought $43,000 at a recent auction conducted by Johnson Auctioneering!

I’m very proud of our Johnson Auctioneering Team, award winning, hardworking and caring individuals that give it their all. People such as Joe Mellem…Tim Banks…Cory Johnson…Brian Bolin…Bret Walters…Shelly Weinzetl…Jesse Johnson…Scott Peer and Nathan Johnson.

Personally, I also broke a record for the highest selling item I’ve ever sold in a fund raising auction. Earlier this year I sold a single item for $104,000! It’s always so fun when something like that happens and everyone benefits! Sometimes it’s even unexpected and that was the case this past summer in Des Moines, Iowa. At the last moment, NASCAR driver Michael Annett decided to donate the steering wheel that he took out of the car he raced the day before. He autographed it and we put it in the auction. It ended up selling for $43,000 with all proceeds going to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital!

A lot of our clients ask us for new ideas and of course we’re always coming up with ways to increase the amount of funds raised. We’ve been using a very successful tactic in our “appeal” that everyone really enjoys. It’s called the “Run Around” and I’d be happy to explain how it works to anyone interested.

Keep in mind that consultation plays a big role in the services we offer. Once an agreement is signed, we can work with and advice you on all aspects of the benefit auction. No need to pay a fee to attend classes, we provide personal, one-on-one consultation with all of our clients.

So, 2017 has started off great and we’re only getting started! Our summer and fall schedules are filling up, so if you’re interested in the services of Johnson Auctioneering, please contact us soon. We’d love to work with you and we’ll travel anywhere! Hope you enjoy the new web site and coming soon…a new video.