Johnson Auctioneering provides personalized service to all types of organizations and non-profit agencies coordinating benefit auctions. From casual events that include the whole family to black-tie auctions filled with celebrities and politicians, Johnson Auctioneering will tailor their style to help your cause generate the most funds possible.


With Johnson Auctioneering, you receive more than an auctioneer for your event. We bring our team of professionals which include not only professional auctioneers, but professional bid assistants! We feel this makes a huge difference in the live auction, having professional bid assistants that know how to work a crowd and keep the energy and excitement in the room…which invariably results in more money raised.


At Johnson Auctioneering, we have conducted benefit auctions for many, many different organizations. We bring a very high level of energy, enthusiasm and excitement to our auctions. The comment we hear the most after our auctions from those in attendance is “that was so much fun!” We feel if those attending are having fun, they’re more apt to spend money and support a very worthwhile cause.